Planting for a Tomorrow

Our projects for 2007 began with our trip to Nicaragua, back in March, where we visited schools and met with teachers and parents in the community. The project, PLANTING FOR A TOMORROW,got off to a good start and found great reception with the parents and teachers. At last count, we have 30,000 seedlings that the student and parent community planted and will be available for sale this May 2008. As you know the objective of this project was to educate the children in the environmental conservation of their mountains through reforestation, coffee cultivation, and sustainable agriculture, as well as raising further funds for the schools through the seedlings’ sale. In 2007 we also completed one more dining room in the community of El Castillo. We distributed school supplies, teaching supplies, and reading books to the schools of El Pegador, El Castillo, El Cipian, Las Sabanas, and Barrios Unidos (in Somoto). We also delivered soccer uniforms to the students of El Cipian, El Castillo, El Pegador, and Las Sabanas. The soccer uniforms scored a huge goal among the children; we hope to support more sports in the coming year.