Aroma Nica is an importing coffee company that brings to the Canadian market coffee that is produced in the region of Las Sabanas.

Coffee from the region of Las Sabanas is distributed by small roasters throughout Canada. Before Los Frutos del Café was founded, the social programs were funded and executed by the Fiallos family with the help of the coffee sales from its importing company, Aroma Nica.

As roasters became aware of these programs, and more donations were made to contribute towards the Fiallos' family efforts, it required that a new organization be set up.

Today Los Frutos del Cafe is run independently by a board of directors as a Canadian registered charitable organization.

The charitable efforts of Los Frutos del Café now benefit the members of any community, not just coffee growers. Aroma Nica continues to be a major supporter of Los Frutos del Café, as do many of Aroma Nica's customers.